Overlapping Platform Calculations for Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

CAMADEX brings all of your media costs, techinical costs, data costs and trading fees under one roof, while still allowing you to caculate each individually for your customers.


With CAMADEX, all of your information is in one place. Whether you’re in the office, at the airport or on the train – with Cloud data-storage, you and your team have complete access, anywhere, anytime. CAMADEX gathers the calculations of various KPI’s in an Excel document. And with quick access to current deal-conditions, you are spared the long search through AdServer or through your email. With just one click, you can keep an eye on your entire advertising campaign – saving you time and making your business more efficient.

In short: CAMADEX CAMADEX makes it easier for you and your team to manage programmatic advertising campaigns.

Overlapping Platform Reporting for Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

No matter what DSP you have in mind, CAMADEX collects all the information in a report – and you can evaluate your advertising campaigns and bid strategies in a system-independent and reliable manner.


Control your online advertising, automate your bookings and simplify planning.

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Monitor and optimize your programmatic trading desk.

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Enhance your marketing experience through cross-platform deal management and reviews.

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Do you tell the competitors your terms & conditions with your marketers? Then why do you do it with your technology? With CAMADEX, all of your terms, conditions and margins stay your secret.

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